I’m not crying, you’re cry— OK, I lied. I’m crying.

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Warning: This post contains topics of sexual assualt.

1. When the birth mother of Carlos and Gaby’s newly adopted baby changed her mind and took the baby back.

2. When Mike left Susan after finding out she gave money to his son Zach to go to Utah because she was worried about how obsessed Zach was with her daughter.

3. When Bree got the phone call that her husband, Rex, died unexpectedly.

4. When Lynette had her final dream about the last time she saw Mary Alice before she killed herself and accepted that she couldn’t have stopped it.

5. When everyone saw that Lynette’s family survived the tornado, but then Karen learned her best friend Ida was the only one who didn’t make it.

6. When Bree abandoned Andrew on the side of the road after he got revenge on her by sleeping with her boyfriend who was a sex addict.

7. When the stepdaughter of Alejandro, Gaby’s abusive former stepfather, revealed that she had also been abused by him.

8. When Lynette told Tom why she was obsessed with killing the possum in their yard, and it was clearly a metaphor for her cancer.

9. And when Lynette found out her cancer was gone and sobbed from guilt after seeing the possum she killed.

10. When Katherine had a mental breakdown after obsessing over Mike and framing him for stabbing her.

11. When Renee barged into Bree’s hotel room and learned Bree was about to kill herself.

12. And later when Renee told Bree about how her own mother died by suicide.

13. When Susan decided last minute to speak at Mike’s funeral.

14. And lastly, when Karen died in the series finale while listening to the song she wanted for her funeral, “Wonderful! Wonderful!”

What are some other Desperate Housewives moments that totally wrecked you emotionally? Let us know in the comments.

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