Notice me, David, por favor.

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David Castañeda. The knife-wielding king we all know and love from Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy.

I can’t wait to see Diego in Season 3 (which is coming very soon apparently?), so here’s what’s been keeping me going in the meantime.

1. He already loves us.

2. Get you a man that can do both.

On one corner…”are you so and so? Can we take a pic?” “Ok” On the next corner…”Hey, You! Do you work here?…” “I do. I do work here. What you need” Versatility

09:52 PM – 15 Aug 2021

Twitter: @DavidCastanedaJ

3. Just another example of the versatility this man has.

4. Is there anything David doesn’t do??

5. Just looking respectfully.

6. Still looking…respectfully.

7. I just love cool stunts, and the way he reenacts how his family and friends react to seeing him onscreen is absolutely hilarious.

8. Speaking of stunts, the dedication Tom and David put into their fights is unmatched.

9. “I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends.” Well, then explain Diego and Herb. Quickly!

Twitter: @NetflixGeeked

10. Tearing up at these two just being a couple of bros.

11. You’re lying if this moment between Diego and Ben didn’t melt your ice-cold heart.

12. Currently getting dance lessons from David.

14. Bebé David?? My heart.

15. And apparently, we are in for a wild ride with Season 3.

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