I’m starting to think these shows are responsible for all those Yahoo Answers questions on pregnancy.

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I think it’s safe to say most of us are aware that pregnancy lasts 9 months.


There’s obviously leeway of a few weeks if the baby is born early or late, but it’s usually around 40 weeks.

However, for some reason, TV shows seem to have a *little* trouble with this.

1. Like when Hayley was pregnant for over a year on The Originals.

The CW

Hope is conceived sometime in the months before senior prom in The Vampire Diaries (likely around spring break, considering how much travel/how little school goes on while Elena has her humanity off). However, she isn’t born until the end of Season 1 of The Originals, which is apparently in May of the next year (which lines up with its air date). So…Hayley is apparently pregnant with Hope for at least a year.

2. Cersei is pregnant for way too long without showing on Game of Thrones.


As this article points out, way too much happens between Season 7, Episode 5 and the Game of Thrones series finale (including the journey to catch a wight, bring it to King’s Landing, go back to Winterfell, and fight the Army of the Dead, then Cersei herself) for Cersei not to show at all. Although, to be fair, there were a lot of issues with the later timelines in Game of Thrones, especially when it came to travel.

3. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy is already super pregnant at Halloween, yet she doesn’t give birth until long after Easter (so at least six months later).

4. On Pretty Little Liars, Melissa seems to be showing and know the sex of the baby despite only being pregnant for a month.


According to this timeline, Melissa is only pregnant for a month before losing the child. But she already knows the sex of the baby? Sure, we know Melissa fakes a baby bump later on, and easily could’ve faked finding out the sex of the baby, but does Spencer (who’s basically a genius) really not notice that it’s way too early to know the sex?

5. Quinn only seems to be pregnant for 7 months on Glee.


Quinn becomes pregnant a few episodes into the season/school year, yet she gives birth at Regionals, which seem to take place in early March (there aren’t any real milestones that make its date clear in season 1, but in season 2 it occurs sometime between Valentine’s Day and prom, and in season 3 it occurs the episode after Valentine’s Day). This only seems to be 6 months, and while it does seem that Quinn’s baby is born a little early (as Quinn going into labor isn’t expected), it doesn’t seem Beth was a full 3 months premature.

6. On Friends, Phoebe goes from not being pregnant to being super pregnant over the span of 6 weeks.


(Suggested by womblegirl)

Phoebe’s pregnancy starts just before Ross starts dating Emily — and it’s only six weeks later that he proposes, by which time Phoebe is super pregnant.

7. Also on Friends, Rachel is pregnant for over a year.


According to Insider, Rachel got pregnant prior to Monica and Chandler’s wedding on May 15. However, she’s pregnant for an entire season (which is usually a year in Friends), and it seems to be summertime when she gives birth, suggesting that she’s been pregnant for over a year. Online, Emma’s birthday appears to be in April, which still means Rachel was pregnant for 11 months.

8. Helena becomes super pregnant super fast on Orphan Black.


When Helena stays with Donnie and Alison, she gets an ultrasound, and her stomach is basically flat. A few episodes later, she returns with an extremely large stomach. As the series is established to happen over very short periods of time (usually days per episode), it seems almost impossible that multiple months happened in the few episodes Helena was gone.

9. Blair’s pregnancy seems to basically pause for the summer on Gossip Girl.

The CW

The stylist says Blair is about 6 weeks along at the end of the summer/start of Season 5, which lines up with the morning sickness she experiences a few episodes/weeks later and the rate at which she begins showing. However, this is impossible, considering the presumed conception (since Blair thought it could be Chuck) occurred around the time of the Constance party, which took place three weeks before everyone left for their months-long summer vacations at the end of Season 4.

10. On Community, Shirley becomes pregnant close to the Halloween episode, then gives birth during finals only 6 months later.

11. Haley’s pregnancy on One Tree Hill only lasts a few months.

The CW

Haley and Nathan don’t sleep together again until well after the Halloween episode, meaning the very earliest Jamie was conceived is November (and likely much later — an entire mayoral campaign takes place in between Halloween and them sleeping together, and Haley doesn’t discover she’s pregnant until at least February, based on the school shooting timeline). She then gives birth at graduation in May, meaning she was pregnant for 6 months or likely less, and there’s no mention of the baby being premature.

12. Also on One Tree Hill, Peyton’s pregnancy doesn’t seem to last much longer than 6 weeks.

The CW

Julian and Brooke start dating right around when Peyton discovers she’s pregnant, and when they break up at the end of Season 6, Episode 19, it’s only been six weeks. This means that in the next four episodes (before she collapses and is brought to the hospital to give birth), 6 months must’ve passed. This is impossible, considering that Nathan is in the middle of his basketball season for the entire pregnancy.

13. On The Big Bang Theory, Bernadette becomes pregnant before Valentine’s Day but doesn’t give birth until Amy’s birthday 10 months later.

14. On The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Amy’s pregnancy seems to last only 6 months.

ABC Family

John is born Feb. 6, whereas Amy seems to be a few weeks along when she returns from band camp (where she had sex with Ricky) at the very end of August. This means she is only pregnant for 6 months.

15. On The Vampire Diaries, Caroline and Jo are pregnant for, altogether, at least 14 months.

The CW

Jo becomes pregnant right after Liz’s death in February, and Caroline (who the pregnancy is transferred to after Jo’s death) doesn’t give birth until at least April of the next year (considering Damon was in the Phoenix Stone for three months after Christmas, and Caroline didn’t give birth until three episodes after that). It’s possible the cloaking spell somehow froze aging on the babies between Jo dying and it being undone by Valerie — but this would only knock off a few months, considering Jo’s body is only kept cold for about two months (according to Alaric’s conversation with the coroner), and the uncloaking is done soon after they finally bury her.

16. On Sex and the City, Aiden has a months-old baby with a woman he met post-Carrie only a year and a half after their breakup.


(Suggested by a-whale)

Either that pregnancy was really fast, or Aiden literally got married/pregnant with a woman he’d just met despite being heartbroken over Carrie.

17. And finally, in Bones, Daisy becomes super pregnant while Booth is in prison, which is only a few months.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

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