Bellamy Blake deserved better!!

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Recently, I did post about characters that were unnecessarily killed off for shock value in the last few episodes of shows, and the BuzzFeed Community had a ton of thoughts. Here are some more submissions that were too good not to make a post out of!

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

1. On The 100, when Clarke shot Bellamy in the fourth-to-last episode:

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“Bellamy’s death is LITERALLY the epitome of shitty final season writing. It’s SO STUPID.”


“It made absolutely no sense story-wise. The killing of Bellamy felt almost 100% personal. I feel like the showrunner had to have something against Bob. There is no reason to kill him off that close to the end and then not allow him in their version of heaven at the end. Just zero respect for a character/actor who appeared several years on San Diego Comic Con fan favorite panels.”


2. On Torchwood, when Ianto died in Jack’s arms in the last few episodes:


“Just utterly pointless… Well, that whole third season was pointless. Still bitter 12 years later haha!”


“It was awful. Only reason I watched the episode after it was to see how they fixed it… Never watched ‘Miracle Day!’ Torchwood ceased to exist at that point!”


3. On Dexter, when Dexter unplugged Deb’s life support after she was shot and then dropped her body in the sea:


“She was the best part of the show and then to be unceremoniously dumped in the sea just like all his victims…ugh. She was worth so much more!!”


4. On The Originals, when Hayley died protecting Hope:

5. Also on The Originals, when Klaus and Elijah killed each other in the last moments, leaving Hope with no family left:

The CW

“Niklaus, Elijah, AND Hayley did not need to die. They really just decided to leave Hope as an orphan and it was so unnecessary as well.”


6. On Skins, when Chris died in the last episode of Generation 1 after it seemed like he’d be okay:


“Freddie from Skins dying makes every list, but no one ever talks about Chris in Season 2! That scene was heartbreaking!”


7. On The Vampire Diaries, when Stefan died literally hours after marrying Caroline:

The CW

“Stefan Salvatore’s death is always going to be hard for me to swallow. He just got married!! And we spend the whole show rooting for him just to never see him get his happy ending.”


8. On Game of Thrones, when Theon died defending Bran after going through arguably the worst treatment in the series:


“There was no point to his death. His entire character arc was about survival and redemption and becoming a better person. He easily could have lived and helped his sister rule; it would have been a much more satisfying end to his story.”


9. On Dawson’s Creek, when Jen died of a fatal heart condition in the finale, leaving behind her 1-year-old daughter and grandmother with cancer:

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“This is an old show, but I just watched it on Netflix. Jen Lindley did not deserve to die at the end of Dawson’s Creek. After everything she had been through in her life, she deserved a happy ending.”


10. On How I Met Your Mother, when Tracy was revealed to have died in the finale and it turned out the whole show was a buildup to Ted and Robin being together:


“The show had 9 SEASONS OF BUILDUP toward meeting the mom for the first time and they went on about how bloody amazing she was every minute of it, then in the last episode of the whole damn series she died of an undisclosed illness just so the dad could get with his best friend, who expressed from Season 1 that she didn’t want him. WHAT WAS THE POINT?”


11. On Veronica Mars, when Logan’s car exploded in the last minutes of the series finale:


“Logan Echolls in Veronica Mars… They killed him off for no valid reason, just after he finally married the love of his life, in the last 10 minutes of the show. It didn’t add anything except shock value and I am forever pissed at that.”


12. On Desperate Housewives, when Mike was shot in front of Susan:


“I feel like they needed something to release Susan’s anchor to Wisteria Lane, but it was stupid and pointless. And if it was going to be done, it should not have been done so close to the finale.”


13. On Six Feet Under, when Nate died from a brain hemorrhage after being told he would recover:

14. On True Blood, when Tara was killed offscreen:


“She didn’t even get an onscreen death! She deserved much better! #justicefortara”


15. On The League, when Sofia died suddenly after plastic surgery went wrong:

16. On Bones, when Max died in front of his daughter:


“The man literally died protecting his grandkids after finally being accepted from Temperance for abandoning her as a kid. He deserved better.”


17. And finally, on Smash, when Kyle was hit by a car in the last second of an episode:


“I know no one really cares about Smash, but KYLE BISHOP.”


If you’ve got any more for us, let us know in the comments! Meanwhile I’ll just be sitting here staring at this list like:


Note: Submissions were edited for length/clarity.

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