“Come for the Crows, stay for the emotional support goat.”

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There are so many things to love about Netflix’s Shadow and Bone — the wonderful cast, the beautiful artistry and attention to detail, the ~ships~ that are already sailing, the complicated feelings over how incredibly hot Kirigan/the Darkling is…I could go on and on.

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Warning: Light goat-related spoilers ahead.

But this is a post about one character and one character only: our lovely, adorable, smelly emotional support goat, Milo!

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You’ll be shocked to learn that the legendary goat actor who played Milo attempted to ad-lib many of his lines. Executive producer Eric Heisserer told BuzzFeed, “Milo was a diva on set in Episode 3. He was constantly trying to invent his own lines; he would ‘BAAHHH’ right over somebody.”

Milo the goat could play Abraham Lincoln, but Daniel Day-Lewis COULD NOT play Milo the goat.

Seriously, just look at these two dapper gents???

This sweet bb was dragged along for a ride through the Fold, and I am so glad he came into Jesper’s life — and ours!

Courtesy Netflix

The serotonin boost that this photo ALONE provides.

Milo is not only excellent company; he also proved to be a crucial honorary Crow who helped Mal escape in Episode 7.


Savvy goat cutie, really thinking on his feet.

Anyway, the whole internet is talking about the true GOAT of Shadow and Bone, and here are some of the best posts about him:


I like how in this fandom, regardless of whether your’re a malina or a darklina, you love or hate matthias, whether or not you think pekka rollins is a dilf or you want to fuck a volcra, everyone has one thing in common – we all love and would collectivley die for milo the goat

11:03 AM – 24 Apr 2021

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