Roy Kent and Keeley invented romance. No, I will not be taking questions at this time.

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The second episode of Ted Lasso Season 2 is here. Finally.

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When I say it’s what I look forward to each week…I mean it’s what I look forward to each week.

As Brendan Hunt (or, as you know him, Coach Beard) says, you can watch the episode now. So, literally what are you waiting for??? Go watch, so you can understand the SPOILER-FILLED posts below!

Twitter: @brendanhunting / Via Twitter: @brendanhunting

It’s okay, I’ll wait. This post will be here when you’re done.


nothing, EVER, comes between Rebecca Welton and those homebaked biscuits Ted Lasso ever so carefully bakes for her… as her platonic friend, with platonic ingredients, in his platonic kitchen, then set in a platonic pink box

04:51 AM – 30 Jul 2021

Twitter: @spiceymemory / Via Twitter: @spiceymemory

If we didn’t platonically emphasize the platonic-ism here, let me platonically do so now.


Twitter: @addyvit / Via Twitter: @addyvit

I literally can’t stop laughing at Keeley (Juno Temple) being turned on by Roy Kent’s (Brett Goldstein) choked-up retirement speech.


Twitter: @HMTownsend / Via Twitter: @HMTownsend

Raise your hand if you have the biggest crush on Roy Kent.


Twitter: @tedslasso / Via Twitter: @tedslasso

And you’re lying if Roy’s not your favorite character! I don’t make the rules!


Twitter: @leslienadir / Via Twitter: @leslienadir

Okay, maybe I take it back. You’re lying if Keeley isn’t your favorite character!


Tumblr: @rattyjol / Via

Exactly what was going through my head the entire time!!!


jason sudeikis calling julia louis-dreyfus the dave grohl of television on billy on the street and then five years later writing it into ted lasso is just something that can be so personal #TedLasso

04:43 PM – 30 Jul 2021

Twitter: @wlwperkins / Via Twitter: @wIwperkins


Ted said there is an account for his mustache and well, Twitter never disappoints. At least this time. #TedLasso

10:38 AM – 30 Jul 2021

Twitter: @AnthonyDiPiero7 / Via Twitter: @AnthonyDiPiero7

To whoever is behind these accounts, you’re doing God’s work, keep going.

18. And finally, this. (CW: This post contains mentions of suicide and drug use.)

Tumblr: @serendipitouscontaminant / Via

We, the people, demand answers!

What were your thoughts on this season’s second episode? Let us know below!

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