Series finale aside, Game of Thrones had some breathtaking shots.

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1. In The Good Place, when the Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason finally arrive at the good place:

2. In Bridgerton, when the coordinated fireworks go off behind the dancing couples of the ton:

3. In Doctor Who, when the Thirteenth Doctor falls to Earth from the TARDIS:

4. In Game of Thrones, when Jon unsheathes his sword at the start of the Battle of the Bastards:

5. In Grey’s Anatomy, when George appears behind the elevator doors as Izzie is coding:

6. In Supernatural, when Castiel first appears in the barn and the lightning flashes his wings before our eyes:

7. In Lucifer, when Lucifer protects Chloe with his white wings:

8. Also in Lucifer, when Michael saves Chloe with his black wings:

9. In The West Wing, when C.J. breaks down crying in the middle of Manhattan after learning about Simon’s murder:

10. In Game of Thrones, when Jon comes up for air after nearly being trampled during the Battle of the Bastards:

11. In Stranger Things, when Eleven wakes up on the beach after entering the Void:

12. In American Horror Story, when Moira is reunited with her mother and they walk down the misty road together:

13. In Game of Thrones, when Tommen gracefully removes his crown and then steps out of the window to his death:

14. In Motherland: Fort Salem, when Raelle and Scylla use their magic together and float for the first time:

15. In The Walking Dead, when Rick rides into the ruins of Atlanta:

16. In Game of Thrones, when Daenerys walks out of the alcove to address the masses:

17. In The Handmaid’s Tale, when Offred stands in front of the winged statue:

18. Last, but not least, in Normal People, when Marianne is walking across the snowy Swedish landscape:

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Did your fave make the list? If not, let us know in the comments below!

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