“She didn’t understand the assignment — she IS the assignment.”

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Ziggy stands out as one of the notable fan favorites, and it’s no surprise why since Sadie Sink absolutely stole the show in Fear Street Part Two: 1978.

Jesse Grant / Getty Images for Netflix

From Ziggy’s badass attitude to that time she narrowly escaped death at Camp Nightwing, fans couldn’t get enough of the iconic character that Sadie brought to life onscreen.

We’ve rounded up some of the best fan appreciation posts that prove that Ziggy is one of the best characters in the whole Fear Street trilogy. Check them out below:


BREAKING NEWS emily rudd and sadie sink were recently hospitalized due to severe back pains after carrying the entirety of this movie we wish them a speedy recovery #FearStreet1978 #FearStreet

11:57 PM – 10 Jul 2021

Netflix / Twitter: @goodfoerights


justice for my girl ziggy. she lost almost any sort of family she had & got betrayed by the person she fell in love with in the worst way possible & she spent 16 yrs blaming herself for the incident & for the death of her friends #FearStreet #fearstreet1666

10:31 AM – 16 Jul 2021

Netflix / Twitter: @sadieszoee

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