Gina Linetti: queen of one liners.

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Now that Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s final season (😭) is here, it’s about time we look back on the past nine years and reminisce on the show’s best, funniest moments. Spoiler alert: there are a lot.

And, of course, we can’t talk about best moments without mentioning the Nine-Nine icon and queen of one-liners herself, Gina Linetti.

Here are 20 of her very best moments and quotes:

1. When she was a humble, humble queen:

2. When she left Pimento with this *mic drop* comeback:

3. When she dropped this unforgettable line:

4. When she proved she is the most interesting person at every party:

5. When she remembered the important things during a time of crisis:

6. When she made this incredibly valid argument:

7. When she used Jake’s punishment to find out how people really feel about her:

8. When she reminded us that a good outfit makes everything better:

9. When she ✨dazzled✨ a whole room of psychologists:

10. When she reminded us that she can defy language, actually:

11. When she knew her strengths:

12. When she taught these kids about ~the circle of life~:

13. When she reminded us that she’s always prepared:

14. When she was too ~smart~ to be smart:

15. When she was too busy dancing to her tunes to notice anything going on in the precinct:

16. When she kept it real with Boyle:

17. When she reminded us that the genius of Gina defies logic:

18. When she was so right, she made a shirt about it:

19. When she was determined to make a grand entrance:

20. And finally, when she outsmarted a room full of detectives and got the ~official~ Halloween Heist title changed:

Did your favorite Gina moment not make the list? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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