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🚨WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for shows from the past, like, 20 years or so.🚨

A new day, a new internet trend. Today’s? People are sharing the single frame from television that sends them down an emotional spiral.


Live footage of me going through these tweets. 

Here are some of the most gut-wrenching replies (spoilers included):

1. The single frame of Dr. Cox realizing he’s at Ben’s funeral on Scrubs:

2. The single frame of the elevator doors closing on Jake as he leaves the precinct on Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

Twitter: @nbcbrooklyn99

3. The single frame of Eleven reading the letter from Hopper after his “death” on Stranger Things:

Twitter: @NetflixGeeked

4. The single frame of Fleabag and Hot Priest admitting their love for one another but also realizing they can’t be together on Fleabag:

Twitter: @mae_mccall

6. The single frame of Eleanor resting her head on Chidi’s shoulder on The Good Place:

7. This single frame of Will Gardner’s body after he’s shot in the courtroom on The Good Wife:

8. The single frame of Seymour waiting for Fry outside the pizza parlor on Futurama:

9. The single frame of Melinda holding up baby Chuckie on The Rugrats:

10. The single frame of Aimee’s friends taking the bus with her in solidarity after her sexual assault on Sex Education:

12. The single frame of the Doctor pressing up against the wall that forever separates him from Rose on Doctor Who:

13. The single frame of Don informing the pilot of his plane that American Special Forces killed Osama bin Laden on The Newsroom:

Twitter: @daveweigel

14. The single frame of Buffy coming home from school and seeing her mother dead on the couch on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Twitter: @ellievhall

15. The single frame of Mac finishing his coming-out-to-his-father dance on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

Twitter: @alwayssunny

16. The single frame of Will breaking down in front of Uncle Phil after being abandoned by his father again on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:

17. The single frame of Lassie comforting Juliet after her brush with death on Psych:

18. The single frame of Ryan carrying Marissa’s lifeless body away from the burning car on The O.C.:

19. The single frame of Shireen crying out to Stannis to not burn her alive as a sacrifice on Game of Thrones:

20. The single frame of Chris dying in his bed after his brain hemorrhage on Skins:

21. Last, but not least, the single frame of BoJack sitting with Sarah Lynn at the Griffith Observatory as she dies of a heroine overdose on BoJack Horseman:

What single frame from TV brings you to tears? Or, if TV isn’t your jam, which frame from film brings on the water works? Let us know in the comments below.

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