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The list of ’90s sitcoms to stream is only getting longer – especially with The Nanny FINALLY dropping on HBO Max. Frasier has been streaming for years and has yet to receive as much hype as shows like Friends or Seinfeld. This silly program about two pompous brothers and their working class father has so much to offer if you give it a chance!

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Here are all the reasons to drop everything and watch Frasier:

1. There are lots of shows about hot singles in the big city, but how many shows focus on a crotchety old man and his two adult sons?

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2. Frasier hosts a call-in radio show where his professional advice is often more chaotic than therapeutic.

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He could make a killing in the podcast game.

3. But sometimes Frasier’s wisdom can surprise you.

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He might just help you finally get over your ex!

4. It’s shocking how out of touch Niles and Frasier are despite growing up with a beer drinking, sport loving, cop as a father.

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5. Their general lack of self awareness is always good for a laugh!

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Frasier and Niles weren’t like the other boys at school. They were worse.

6. The Crane brothers are both psychiatrists so understanding their zingers will make you feel smart.

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If you don’t get this one, it might be time to dust off that old “Psychology 101” textbook from college!

7. And if you’re not into bits about Sigmund Freud, there’s always Daphne.

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9. …if you disregard some questionable behavior and occasional hair sniffing from Niles.

10. Frasier’s radio show producer Roz is a sex positive icon!

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11. She’s also a single, working mother who doesn’t have time for Frasier’s antics.

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12. I’d like to see an entire spinoff about Roz and Daphne’s unlikely friendship.

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13. Frasier always makes you feel a little less alone…by showing you someone more alone than you!

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14. Frasier uses his intelligence for evil – often hurling insults at loved ones.

15. And his mastery of roasting clearly rubbed off on his little bro.

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Take notes on how to properly annihilate your friends.

17. …even though Frasier isn’t his biggest fan.

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I’ll be saving “miserable little biscuit whore” for the next person who wrongs me.

18. And let’s not forget the inter-title cards, which add charm and humor inbetween scenes.

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19. At the end of every season, the credits reveal the celebrities who guest starred as callers on Frasier’s radio show!

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Trying to guess who is on the line is part of the viewing experience!

20. The city of Seattle literally created a holiday called “Frasier Crane Day” in 1997 because the show was so popular.

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It shouldn’t be a surprise that Tony Award winner Kelsey Grammer lends his voice to the show’s theme song “Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs.” Here he is performing it live on “Frasier Crane Day!”

21. Frasier is the second most Emmy-winning show of ALL TIME!

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SNL has more Emmy wins, but that shouldn’t count since it’s been on air for 100 years…right? Frasier has a whopping 37 wins and 107 nominations – take that Game of Thrones.

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