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If you’re a fan of fashion, fierceness, and loving your chosen family hard, chances are you’ve tuned into FX’s Pose.

Season 3 premiered with two episodes over the weekend and I’m hyped — but I’m also crying, because this is the final season.

The show picks up in 1994, three years after season two’s finale left off. A lot can change in that time! (Including some of our favorite ’90s jams joining the party.)


Even just two episodes in it’s been a wild ride, and fans have ~feelings~. Check out some of the most on-point reactions below.


#PoseFX is the most Black queer and trans HIV storytelling we’ve ever had on television. The importance of that can’t be overstated. For decades, the most prominent faces and stories of this pandemic have been white gay men. Be clear, the impact of HIV is a part of Black history

04:30 AM – 03 May 2021

Twitter: @ItsDanaWhite

Were you celebrating, crying, or gripping your seat because it’s all happening so fast (or all of the above)? Let us know in the comments!

Sarah Shatz/© FX / courtesy Everett Collection

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