Sebastian Stan’s Instagram is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Hello, Marvel fans! If you’re anything like me, you’re probably more than a little bummed that we won’t be getting our weekly dose of Captain Bird and his Metallic Senior Citizen after last week’s finale.

Marvel Studios

I am NOT ready to say goodbye to them yet!

While Falcon and the Winter Soldier has come to an end, we did get a fun treat from the cast and crew themselves — a bunch of adorable behind-the-scenes pictures! Here are 30 of the most wholesome, hilarious ones:


They snuck me onto set every day in this stunning hooded cloak. I have worn it every day since. Obviously. @MarvelStudios @falconandwinter #Val #ContessaValentinaAllegraDeFontaine

09:17 PM – 23 Apr 2021

Twitter: @OfficialJLD


#OTW #CapDay #Netflix as if the crew here in Budapest wasn’t the best damn crew ever… They all showed up in Cap gear for my Birthday! Thanks guys for making it a special one… even the dead actors stayed for the picture! BudaFuckinPest is the Best!

06:59 PM – 27 Sep 2019

Twitter: @AnthonyMackie

I can’t wait to see these besties back on screen again in Captain America 4 AND all the cute set pictures they share!

Marvel Studios

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