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🚨Spoilers ahead!🚨

1. First, on Gilmore Girls, when Jess told Rory he couldn’t have written his book without her:

2. On Pretty Little Liars, when Spencer and Toby said, “I love you,” for the first time:

3. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Jake realized he wanted to marry Amy:

4. On This Is Us, when Randall told Beth her voice was his favorite sound in the world:

5. On Parenthood, when Julia and Joel officially got back together at the ice rink:

6. On Riverdale, when Archie assured Josie she wasn’t alone:

7. On New Girl, when Nick knew just the right thing to say to Jess:

8. On Ginny & Georgia, when Sophie could tell Max wasn’t actually ready to have sex and assured her that there was absolutely no rush or pressure to do anything:

9. On Schitt’s Creek, when Patrick gave David the first receipt from Rose Apothecary on their first date:

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10. On Legacies, when Josie admitted she had a crush on Hope when they were younger:

11. On One Day at a Time, when Elena made Syd a non-binary Valentine’s Day card:

12. On One Tree Hill, when Lucas took Brooke to the River Court and explained what it meant to him:

13. On Ginny & Georgia, when Marcus surprised Ginny with a painting for her birthday:

14. On Teen Wolf, when Stiles and Lydia reunited and shared this emotional exchange:

15. On Riverdale, when Archie wrote a song for Betty:

16. On Pretty Little Liars, when Emily and Maya spent one last night together before Maya’s parents sent her away:

17. On Parenthood, when Drew drove Amy home after her abortion and told her she looked beautiful:

18. On Riverdale, when Cheryl told Toni what love was like in her family:

19. On Elite, when Nadia left for New York but promised to come back for Guzmán someday:

20. On The O.C., when Marissa and Alex watched the tide change and shared their first kiss:

21. On Adventure Time, when Princess Bubblegum and Marceline finally kissed:

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22. On Degrassi: The Next Generation, when Zig came to get his nails done with Maya so she wouldn’t be alone:

23. On Elite, when Omar finally told Ander he loved him after Ander got into a fight:

24. On One Tree Hill, when Jake told Peyton he could have held her in his arms forever:

25. On Jane the Virgin, when Michael told Jane she was his home:

26. On Degrassi: Next Class, when Miles and Lola shared a sweet morning moment:

27. On Glee, when Santana told Brittany she wanted to be with her:

28. On Veronica Mars, when Logan told everyone to leave his party and get out of his life if they had a problem with Veronica:

29. On The Next Step, when James told Riley he would support her future no matter what she decided about dance:

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30. On 13 Reasons Why, when Charlie and Alex unexpectedly won prom royalty:

31. And finally, on 90210, when Liam proposed to Annie for the second time and she said yes:

Got a favorite underrated romantic TV moment that didn’t make this list? Tell us in the comments!

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