Yes, that intertwined leg scene was improvised.

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The show was full of meaningful, tense, and exciting moments that ultimately made it the powerful series it was. But it also had its fair share of comedic gold moments as well.

I have no doubt that filming this show was pure joy from start to finish — and these hilarious behind-the-scenes stories from the cast and crew back that theory up:

1. For the scene where Sam and Bucky jump out of an airplane, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan just launched themselves onto a big blow-up pad — and had the best time doing it.

2. The intertwined leg scene between Sam and Bucky wasn’t scripted. Amy Aquino, who plays Bucky’s therapist, Dr. Raynor, revealed that this moment of Sam and Bucky attending therapy in jail was pretty much improvised by Anthony and Sebastian.

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When asked how much of that scene was scripted, Aquino told Entertainment Weekly, “They had the framework of what had to happen — I say to sit and face each other or “what are you doing?” — but the rest of it, it was Anthony and Sebastian, who have this huge history.”

3. The little Zemo dance scene was also improvised, this time by Daniel Brühl. “I heard the crowd, I saw the beats, and I thought, Zemo needs to show his moves.” Thank you, Daniel, for sharing with the world something we never knew we needed: Zemo dancing.

6. This story of Sebastian running into Daniel Brühl coming up from the hotel sauna that just makes me want to go on vacation with this entire cast.

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7. Every story about Sebastian having to dip his arm in lube to put Bucky’s metal prosthetic on. But especially this one, where he apparently accidentally squirted it in his eye.

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8. And finally, the fact that Daniel also improvised the part where he plays with Bucky’s chin in Madripoor and Sebastian could hardly take it. They only got one shot where Sebastian didn’t laugh and that’s what ended up in the show.

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