Controversial shoes named “Satan shoes” that were recently released have caused a buzz. 666 pairs were made selling at $1018 (more than 100000Ksh) Sold out within a MINUTE! Now they are in a lawsuit with Nike for using the famous swoosh logo. The court has ordered a temporary restraint from shipping the orders. But wait a minute, whos idea is this?

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Behind every action there a motivation.  The boldness Satan is parading his work  tells us we getting close to the end of time. To what value does a drop of human blood they put into the shoe has on the shoe quality?  They claim the blood is from the staff. Is it even permitted by law? What did standardizing bodies say to the use of human blood in shoe manufacturing and, for the manufacturer to go all the way, what message were they trying to deliver? Don’t forget a scripture Luke 10:10…quoting the bible in such perversion. This is not creativity, but a deliberate message!

MSCHF intention was to only manufacture 666 pairs of shoes not more….The only law suit am seeing here is Nike complaining of the use of their logo. But human blood on commercially distributed shoes to the public?  The intolerance to evil these days is breath taking! Next time somebody will comes up with coats made of human skins?

In my opinion i believe its wrong and blasphemous! Whos blood is in the shoes? I would be freaked wearing them knowing that “life is in the blood”. Lets watch out on the next trending item on the store lest we be snared!

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