A still birth has no name. If a child is born dead, sadly it is never named. We name the living or the things we want to see life in them; a business, a brand etc. Names carry identity, purpose and destiny.

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Biblical scriptures can ascertain that every time God purposed to walk with man, and the name was “wrong” or off purpose, (initial names came from parents who never knew better, some even named their sons pain and death…) God would change it. We see Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah, Jacob to Israel, Jabez negotiated for his name (meaning pain) for he knew it will get him into trouble, all the way to an Angel showing up to Mary and commanding her to call the son Jesus!

A table loses its purpose once its broken into pieces. Its identity shifts due to its altered state, changing purpose. Titles in names reflect achievements in academic, positions of authority or skill prowess. Examples include Professor, engineer, Honorable, Lieutenant etc. These titles demand a level of respect and people pay a price to get them. They carry purpose to them.

But there are names that invert purpose like  stupid, silly, fool, sorry, fatsie, pig, rudeboy joker, thug etc. Theses names are tagged to nicknames of people to a level they become acceptable and entertained. They carry a hefty costs like rejections, additions, lack of identity, violence and to some extent infirmities. John the ‘loser’ can never be successful unless he deliberately drops the ‘loser’ word otherwise, Its never going to happen. He may have money but never have a fulfilled life. He’s a looser.

I can attest through experience that the shadows behind the meaning of these names crawl and drive their dark talons into their helpless victims, so deep that the name and the life of the person are no far apart. There are names we have to shake off if we want to get to the next level in our lives. When a name is called, someone or something is summoned. I don’t think the name  “baby boy” would attract purpose that leads to a great destiny.

The seventy-two returned with joy, saying, “Lord, even the demons are subject to us in your NAME!”

Luke 10:17


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