Philadelphia 76ers basketball star Tobias Harris has built a reputation for his skills on the court, and off the court for his faith, and humanitarian efforts.

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Harris recently shared his faith during a master class led by his pastor, William McDowell.

He says he uses every interaction to show the light within him.

“That has always been something that I’ve tried to embody, is to help somebody on a daily basis because we really don’t know everyone’s walk of life and what they’ve gone through,” Harris says.

“Once I continue to have that type of approach, it just allowed me to truly understand and fall in love with the blessings that I have in my life: the job that I have, the family I have, the health that I have, all the way down the line.”

The 10-season NBA star says, “For me, I look at it like if I’m playing basketball at the NBA or if I’m a principal at a school, which is something I would love to do when my career is over, I’m going to find ways to always bring Christ out in my life.”

Harris maintains no matter what changes come his way, God is a constant anchor.

“Any person I meet, I try to embrace them and show them love so that they know I’m a Christian,” Harris told Razz and Jazz Sports in 2015. “Jesus Christ was a loving man. And as Christians, we have to try to (model) our lives after Jesus Christ.”

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