I recently crawled out of high school and I miss it already. I miss every single moment of ecstasy and sadness. Hi, I go by the name Jones and here is my chronicle.it’s important to state that the characters’ names are highly classified.

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Admission day was here. To be honest I freaked out on that day. Nothing like butterflies were in my stomach, more like… bees stinging my whole body. I was nervous. I’d often heard my old friends of how life in high school was a nightmare. Ever since the first first day. It was not a bed of roses. I remember my uncle how his mattress took off on the day he landed at the school. He explained how he had to force himself to enjoy a two-inch gondoro’s comfort, which meant that in the morning his back looked like a maths exercise book. Shady, huh?

 All those stories gave me the creeps, I was paralyzed beyond my wildest imaginations and now, this was my turn. So here I was, in this uniform, I felt inferior ( just so you know the form fours were way huge. I hate to think that they were parents ) hence my life began in high school. My number was 5093

Life was neutral and confusing. I just loved it. I must thank my creator because I did not succumb to any kind of bullying. I was just the guy who was cool and calm. I know what you are thinking but is not about me, it’s about … my friends:


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