“Were I not to do the movie, it probably wouldn’t have been made.”

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Once the trailer dropped, people called out Ben (who is 27) for playing a high schooler. They also said it was nepotism that got him the role, considering that his father, Marc Platt — who is a big-time movie producer — produced the upcoming film.

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Marc is behind blockbusters like Legally Blonde, La La Land, Bridge of Spies, and more. 

Well, in a new interview with Zach Sang this week, Ben addressed the critique, saying, “People like to have something to say that is negative, regardless of what it is. And so if my thing is something that I can’t control at all — which is my age — then bring it on. I’m glad it’s not about the performance or my voice or anything that actually matters.”

“I think the reaction is largely from people who don’t understand the context of the piece — the fact that I created the role and workshopped it for three years,” he continued. “Were I not to do the movie, it probably wouldn’t get made.”

“And so, I think, my defensive response is to want to go onto Twitter and be like, ‘F you, guys. You don’t even know that this wouldn’t exist without me.’ Of course, that’s not true entirely and not my place to say. All I have to do is let the work speak for itself.”

Those comments did not sit well with people, who were quick to once again point out the role that nepotism played in his casting:

If you don’t think Ben Platt’s casting in the Dear Evan Hansen movie has at least something to do with nepotism, here’s your reminder that everybody in the OBC of The Prom had to audition for the roles they originated and none of them got cast.

02:55 PM – 06 Aug 2021

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