Francois recalled a 2017 incident when Dobrik tricked him into making out with fellow Vlog Squad member Jason Nash by telling him Nash was a woman in disguise.

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He told BuzzFeed News that he did not consent to the kiss, and that it felt “wrong.” After confronting Dobrik and Nash about the situation, Francois said, they offered him money to keep the video on the channel.

“If they don’t know what’s wrong and they don’t understand that what they did was wrong, it makes me feel like that could still happen,” Francois said. “Or maybe it has happened to other people who are afraid of speaking up.”

In his apology video last week, Dobrik said, “I’m sorry to Seth.”

“I just want to make videos where everybody in it — whether you’re participating or watching — is enjoying and having a good time,” he said. “I missed the mark with that one, and I’m really sorry. I truly, truly am.”

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