It was “torture.”

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It was not all fun and games when Emma Thompson was filming her new movie Cruella.

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Although the actor looks incredible as fashionista Baroness von Hellman in the film, she said that wearing underwear with her costumes was “torture” during a recent appearance on Lorraine.

“I don’t like wearing underwear full stop,” Thompson explained. “I stopped wearing underwear a long time ago. It’s not my scene.”

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“I don’t like comfortable underwear,” she continued. “I find comfortable underwear uncomfortable.”

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Thompson jokingly compared the feeling of wearing underwear to squeezing a tub of toothpaste.

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“If you squeeze it hard enough, things will come up and go down and make the shapes,” she said. “But it’s like you’re dealing with a Plasticine person.”

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“If you put Mr. Blobby into that corset, he would look good.”

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