Having dreams is what makes one happy to wake up early and work hard. If you are not interested in achieving anything, you will not be motivated to wake up early to work. That is why you may see people dragging their feet around as they don’t have any urgency in their life to achieve something. Some have given up on what they wanted to achieve thus they make do with whatever comes their way. Others are happy to assist other people to work towards their goals.

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People who have something to achieve are more focused than those who have nothing to achieve. Actually, there are no people with nothing to achieve. There are only people who are not motivated to become more than they already are. When you reach a place where you think that you have enough, then you will not want to reach out for more. But when you feel the pull to achieve even more than what you have then you will not rest.

Your attitude towards work will decide whether you are a go getter or not. If you like work, you will see every obstacle as something to overcome. But when you want everything to come easy to you, you will detest work. In fact, you will be quick to point out that work is not lucrative. Yet everyone who has achieved something in their life worked for it. Stop looking at the people who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Most people who have a name today have worked for it. They have put in the effort to be where they are today.

So if you want to be somewhere tomorrow, you had better start doing something today. As Jim Rohn put it, ‘either you run the day, or the day runs you.’

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