Who needs sex when you can have a gentle hand caress?

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1. In Pride & Prejudice, when Mr. Darcy flexes his hand after helping Elizabeth into her carriage:

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2. In Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging, when Robbie gently caresses Georgia’s hand after helping her up from the bushes:

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If this wasn’t an indication to Georgia about Robbie’s true feelings for her, then IDK what is!!

3. In Bridgerton, when Simon and Daphne brush their hands against one another while looking at his mom’s favorite painting:

4. In But I’m A Cheerleader, when Graham holds onto Megan’s arm while they’re forced to sit through another anti-gay presentation:


They truly found love in a hopeless place.

5. In Emma., when Mr. Knightley holds onto Emma’s waist a *tad* longer than necessary:

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6. In John Tucker Must Die, when Scott gets flustered as Kate helps him fill up the graduated cylinder:

Warner Bros.


7. In 13 Going On 30, when Matty tenderly caresses Jenna’s head while they’re dancing for the Poise photoshoot:

Sony Pictures

I will never not think about Liz Phair’s “Why Can’t I?”

8. In Because I Said So, when Johnny draws a heart on Milly’s hand to make her feel better after their lovers’ tiff:

Universal Pictures

Corny? Yes. Effective? Also yes.

9. In To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, when Lara Jean absentmindedly lays her hand on Peter’s hand that’s already caressing her knee:


Hotter than the pocket spin, if you ask me.

10. In Tarzan, when Tarzan recognizes that Jane is a human like him and presses his hand against hers:

Walt Disney Studios

At the time, I didn’t understand why I loved this scene so much as a kid. NOW I KNOW WHY!

11. In The Princess Diaries, when Joe and Clarisse lock eyes, and HANDS, during their sensual tango:

Buena Vista Pictures

When Charlotte walks into the room, and then promptly leaves to give them some privacy, I felt that. Queen of knowing how to read the room, that Charlotte.

12. In Everything, Everything, when Maddy and Olly “touch hands” through her window:

Warner Bros.

Maddy and Olly had a whole-ass relationship through a glass window and I can’t even get a man to text me back.

13. In Casino Royale, when Bond comforts Vesper in the shower after she watched him kill two men:


Bond licking the metaphorical blood off of Vesper’s fingers is honestly too much for me to handle. Like, they’re in a SHOWER, but Bond was still like, “Nah, Imma use my mouth.”

14. In My Best Friend’s Wedding, when Michael removes the ring from Julianne’s finger with his mouth:

Sony Pictures

Once again, there were other options aside from using one’s mouth, and yet, I ain’t even close to mad.

15. In Secretary, when Mr. Grey and Lee tenderly link fingers…as he spanks her over his desk:


Broke: Christian Grey.

Woke: Mr. E. Edward Grey.

16. In Atonement, when Robbie and Cecilia are playing forbidden handsies at the dinner table:

Focus Features

To this day, I’m still mad at Saoirse Ronan for keeping these two lovers apart.

17. In Bright Star, when Keats reaches for Fanny’s hand over the dinner table:

Miramax Films

~I vow an endless bliss~.

18. In Stoker, when India and Charlie are playing the piano with one another:

Fox Searchlight

I wish I was the one playing piano alongside Matthew Goode…

19. In Call Me By Your Name, when Oliver shakes Elio’s hand with a detached statue arm:

Sony Pictures

~Call me by your hand and I’ll call you by mine~.

20. In Pushing Daisies, when Ned put this device in his car so that he and Chuck can hold hands:


The lengths these two went to touch one another is too romantic for comprehension.

21. In The Prince & Me, when Eddie and Paige were playing handsies under the table instead of studying for midterms:

Paramount Pictures

Dare I say, this was hotter than their lil’ tryst in the stacks?

22. In Gossip Girl, when Chuck and Blair fell asleep while holding hands in the back seat of his limo:

The CW

Chuck and Blair sure love their back-of-the-limo escapades…

23. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Tara and Willow grasp hands as they fend off the Gentlemen:

The WB

The only couple I shipped on Buffy was Tara and Willow.

24. In The Mindy Project, when Danny reaches for Mindy’s hand as their plane hits turbulence:


And when he goes to grab it again after the turbulence is done — AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

25. In Scandal, when Olivia and Fitz confess their love for one another after touching the Constitution:


They are the TRUE national treasure.

26. And last, but not least, in Ghost when Sam and Molly mold some pottery:

Paramount Pictures

I’m pretty sure this movie invented the titillating hand touch™.

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