High School Tales: Chapter 1

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Once upon a time, in the depth of the night, the sky was dominated by the silver moon above our school. Every kith and kin was fast asleep but something was amiss. In the shadows there lied a ghost who kidnapped people and took them to his evil lair. The ghost was said to capture people who were not asleep by midnight. Rumors had it that the ghost was long ago a boy who was in form one. The high school fresh boy was said to be bullied and swore revenge one day. The students believe that he is the ghost.

One mysterious night, the ghost came roaming down and up trying to find the one who had not slept. Out of the blues it caught a boy and fled away with him. The boys who were left behind suggested that this was enough and they sought to rescue the boy. The boys followed the ghost. It realized sooner than…

The boys found themselves in the forest far from school. The forest was dark and thick and this made the boys freeze. BOOM! One boy was taken. All they could hear is leaves rushing in the ground and then… another boy was taken. And finally, there was the ghost. White as snow with eyes of horror and terror and…

The boys woke up after passing out, only to find they were in a cage. The surroundings were so creepy. The boys just could not stand it. The tools which were there, the blood patches, the knives. And now the ghost. All it said was “revenge, revenge” as it came grabbing a sword from his table. It came closer and closer…

It raised it’s arm above us and… What! Was that a laugh? It was the form four bully who pranked us with his silly costume and his flashlight and all his accomplices. We were so mad. How could he? Aaah! Even the blood patches were fake, it was just blood from that cow we slaughtered for that school ceremony

But even after we knew it was a prank, we still heard a certain noise… Was it really the ghost?

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