High School Tales: Chapter 2

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The boys were petrified but the bully boy assured us that there was nothing to worry about. So we just went back to school. The morning that followed was great actually great but not during lunchtime. A boy by the name of Xander. He was this type of guy who was so naive and stupid. People almost thought he had a mental problem.

People said that one day as he went to the restrooms, he found people smoking weed, three boys, Max, Patu, and Lewis. They were sharing the same weed. As Xander was minding his own business, he inhaled some of the weed hence becoming a victim to passive smoking. He felt a little dizzy as he went out but he was sure to be fine or was he?

At night while he was sleeping he woke early in the dark. He was woken up by a light match from across the dormitory. The light gave room for him to see. He saw two other boys lighting up a roll of weed and again they took a turn in smoking it. One of the smokers exhaled smoke to Xander. He was forced to cough and so he did. He coughed so loud. Headaches started, the smallest of the noises became louder and louder! He just couldn’t take it!

His ears heard voices echoing at a distance saying that he was a loser and the voices mocked him. The other students were shocked at the scene. They stared at the poor boy who now seemed crazy. All of a sudden he laughed with a villain accent and now everyone freaked out confirmed their suspicions and they came to grab him and take him away. Xander was growing out of control and this was not close to good. In it grew mayhem among the students.

The watch guards came to the ‘rescue’. The boys said they could not stand this madness and then the boy was taken to hospital after he died down. They say it’s as if he saw a light and tried to touch it and flew to where no human has ever flown before. The students hoped he’d come back well. The effects of smoke.

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