Once upon a school, there was this day where the students almost ate nothing. In the morning, during breakfast, the porridge was a catastrophe. Recently there was a newly dug borehole for water but the water had a substantial amount of sodium carbonate which was salt. Unfortunately, the cooks of the school used this water to make breakfast. The result was disastrous.

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The porridge tasted like pee for sure.  and the smell was unbearable. The boys could not drink this! They never even tasted it. They took the saucepans and threw them in the air as the porridge flew in the air. It was smeared on the walls like paint and they started rioting and growling like hungry wolves on the cold winter night. The teacher in charge was drowned near the scene of the crime and then told everyone to hold on and relax. But some people were still murmuring.

The issue was taken to the deputy principal and he gave his word to look into the matter. That day, the boys had breakfast at eight which was the weirdest thing ever that happened in the school. On to our story, during tea break, the bans were not properly baked. You could actually stretch out the dough in the ban. Again, the bans flew in the air. Even if your ban was good,  the seniors could not let you eat it in order to create mob psychology that all the bans were spoilt. So typical.

That was like the worst day ever. They also say that lunch was never better. They say that the weevils floated on the delicacy. Which was kind of normal since most schools complain of that sought of a thing. Though the boys had to eat it no matter what. They would have died of starvation. Who was causing all this?

The boys wondered and investigated what was the problem. The principal also got involved in the search for the cause. After a few hours, the ‘detectives’ came up with the cause.

The cooks were found to be very incompetent in their line of work. It was also found that one of the cooks made out with some food to go and sell it in his own small cafe for-profit charge. Another cook would hide food for his own consumption. This charade caused a food shortage in the school. The cooks were immediately fired never ever to see their jobs again.

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