High School Tales: Chapter 4

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Examinations in school to me were one of the worst experiences in school. It was anxiety after anxiety. Especially when you know that you have not revised for it, you just feel empty and blank. There is a kind of picture the brain paints to you saying that you will fail. I feared tests like nothing before, but later I realized that tests are our everyday life and this is what brings me to my story in this chapter.

One Sunday evening, as the story is told, the students had taken their dinner and were on their way back to class. One certain boy, in particular, was appreciating the beauty of the school when he saw a floating craft in the atmosphere. He grew nastily curious about that object. He asked one of his classmates what it was. And he exclaimed maybe it was the alien invasion or something. However, this boy did not believe in those sci-fi comics. Then his friend suggested that they should go and enquire to a Geography student who might know something.

The two ‘detectives’ went on and sought help about the craft. It still seemed floating in space. The boys found a Geography maniac buried in his atlas and asked him about the spacecraft about the sky. The nerd was puzzled and decided to see the phenomenon for himself. He did not seem impressed. He just said that it was a meteorological craft for inspecting the weather. The boys could not still buy the naive response. But they did not know any better, so they left the craft anyway. It was of no use.

The moon rose, died down, and the sun took up the morning ritual, and out came another day, Monday- examination day. Every soul was praying hard to the core that it would pass the test, though not every soul was in the room! Two boys were missing. It was sudden as it was so tragic. The friend to the SciFi non-believer was absent and another boy. The examination was about to start and the exam teachers were already in the room. If the two missing boys did not show up, their test would be canceled.

In the class the boy was, murmurs were heard that the boys must have been kidnapped by the alien that was in the sky the day before. It was also heard that there were strange noises, shrieks, and screams that were heard in the lower football pitch the previous night. There was light seen from that same place. The exams were done and the boys still did not show up. The case grew more grave than ever. The pitch was now restricted and was then under maximum investigation.

The non-believer was softly changing. Myriads of questions speared his mind like an ambush. What if it was the aliens who took his beloved classmates? He had no choice but to quencher the thirst of curiosity even though it killed the cat, but satisfaction would bring him back. He plotted his plan.

That very night he tip-toed to the pitch using the darkness as a room for safety and the moonlight as the show of the way. He managed to access the field and so he began his survey on the ground. He found a strange-looking thing on the ground. He dreadfully came closer to confirm his worst fears, but it was just a shirt, that seemed too familiar. Yes! it was his friend’s. He must have been there. At that very point, he pointed his face to the night sky, and what he saw shook the roots of his life he knew nothing of. Behold the mothership that belongs to the aliens!!!…

Was this that kidnapped his friends?


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