High School Tales: Chapter 6

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It seemed that the more the boy came closer to the creature, the more he shook and the more pain he got from the headache. He did not wake up even after the KDF’s intervention. But he was still breathing. The officers could not allow him to be taken to the hospital since there was a possibility that he could wake up and spill the beans to everyone about the mission, or even about the incident that happened last night. They did not afford to take any risks.

The mysterious being was taken and hidden in one of the nearby tents that were built in the school. The daily routine was strict but casual and settled and so the day just bled away as that and night fell. The boy who had fainted was in fact in deep slumber… but something was not right with him. He, Ian-was his name, was shaking abruptly every time the creature groaned. He started hearing voices and he had visions of lives that were not of his own.

Even the creatures present in his dream did not print a realization in Ian’s mind. He could not make out what was happening. It was a kind of war between the creatures and the humans. Then he saw himself in the war… but he was only fifteen years old, how could be in a war he does not know about?  The clueless voices got louder and louder and then they suddenly woke him up. He was somewhat controlled or something. He got up with haste and tip-toed outside. Almost all the soldiers were tired of the day’s work and decided to grab their forty winks and slept.

Ian went on with the agility of a monkey and the stelph of a snake. He could not do that when he was ‘normal’! What was more shocking was that he was headed to the creature’s tent. But it was guarded, by sleeping soldiers. This was his opportunity to go in and so he did. It was pitched darkness that welcomed in there but he persisted on and on. as he went on closer the voices in his head got louder and louder and now all he could hear was a snore. It was a quiet nuisance. Finally, he got to the cage where the creature was been held. He could see the shape but not the face. the voices stopped and the creature woke up from its slumber and opened its eyes that glowed blue and looked at Ian in the face. Wonder!



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