High School Tales: Chapter 5

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The alien non-believer was going by the name, July. So there he was. In front of the masterpiece like no other. Fear slapped his heart as he witnessed what was soon to be a scar on the books of history. The mother ship that floated through space was ginormous. Every single edge of detail was a work of unimaginable art. The metal was so rare and so unexplainable. It sat still in the cold air as it glared its blue rays were upon July. To the bottom of the ship there opened a passage. July could not understand the physics behind it since he felt lighter and more levitational.

He began to cry out for help. His ear-deafening screams would have almost woken the Biblical Moses from his unfound grave. The others who enjoyed their slumber in the dorms woke up with a result of a disturbance in their faces. They storm out to seek the source of the nuisance. And behold ( again ) the saw the ship as it sucked July into its environs. The students could not believe their sight as they were blinded by terror. The ship already now took July. The students were too in the last minute to save the poor man. The ship began to depart from them. It caused a wind stampede as in a spur, it vanished into space we knew nothing of.

Another human species, abducted by space creatures. The boys who saw the unfortunate, froze their minds as the feet were planted to the ground. But they could just stand there! they had to do something. this issue was now growing out of hand. The boys were afraid this was going to be a national issue. The boys really wondered how could Kenya deal with this kind of situation. Even at that time, no teacher came to reassure the boy that everything was under control because nothing was in control…

The next morning, the students found tents outside their dorms and classrooms. The most uncommon security arm was present in the school. The Kenya Defence Forces were roaming up and down on the scene of strange happenings. One who seemed to be in charge ordered the boys to go to their respective classes and wait for a roll call. He was noble and heavily beard and his voice and was loud and deep. From all the dorms the students went in lines to their classes. They could not dare to violate any order  since the result would be worse than an alien invasion.

The students  could stop yapping the possibilities of mght happen to them. Others were saying that it was the end of the world while others were happy because they were sure that they were going home. Some students were praying passionately holding their  crucifixes in order to attract mercy and favour from Creator of heaven and earth. Everyone was just panicking without no reason.

After a couple of hours, the bell was hit and the students rushed to the parade ground. The names were called out and soon the students went back again to the classes waiting for further demands. Just as the students were chatting in the classes, the KDF brought a container in the school compound. It was huge but covered. The content in the container was groaning as it struck from the inside but the creature could not escape. The students asked among themselves who or what it was. At that point one boy who was watching gained up a head ache. It grew more painful and he started shouting. the students were scared. What happened to their school? The boy fainted

The scout began to take him up and then to the KDF officers. The first aid did not work. It was grave than never before. The boy’s life was now in the KDF’s hands.


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