16. Oh my god, a blank business card is amazing. I think it’s gonna end up not being blank, but still. Genius.

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17. Daniel Brühl is at the memorial for Sokovia? How did he get there?

18. How did Sebastian Stan get there??? I really don’t have a handle on the resources these folks have.

19. How far in advance did Sebastian Stan plan that little “I’m gonna shoot you, oh no I’m not” moment?

20. Yeah, Anthony Mackie’s in Baltimore right now. I have to just get over all their traveling.

21. He’s giving Isaiah the shield. I don’t like the idea of someone we don’t know all that well getting such a big Marvel thing, but in this world, that’s a very good thing to do.

22. They lied to Isaiah and others about what was going in their bodies? Oh my god.

23. Isaiah needs a movie. Jesus Christ.

24. Can we replace all the Evil Hand People stuff with more discussion of the racism Black superheroes face and have faced?

25. I feel like this is suddenly a new show about a family and a boat. I’m down for that show, but it’s strange that it exists in the same episode as Julia Louis-Dreyfus playing a countess with some purple hair.

26. Sebastian Stan is here! How was he right there at that moment? How did Anthony Mackie not see him before? It doesn’t add up and I don’t care! I love drama.

27. Oh god, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are gonna build a boat together. That’s too saccharine for me.

28. Okay, I saw the joke of Sebastian Stan, who has a metal left arm, being right-handed in an ad while rewatching Love Island UK the other day and I laughed so hard. That is an amazing joke. It’s maybe my second favorite thing in this whole show (behind the party with all the art).

29. ♫ Building a boat montage, we’re building a boat, Sarah and Sebastian Stan are into each other, and we’re building a boat ♫

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