I just think he’s neat!

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This is Froy Gutierrez: actor, musician, and national treasure.

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You might remember him as Nolan from Teen Wolf. 👀

More recently, he starred as Jamie in the crime-drama Cruel Summer.

cruelsummerdaily / Tumblr / Freeform

He’s also had roles in One Day at a Time, Light as a Feather, and more.

Personally, I cannot get enough of Froy! So I decided to put together a list of his cutest Instagram moments that I just think everyone should see and appreciate. It’s for science, OK?

Here are 15 adorable Instagram moments that prove everyone should be following him:

1. First, the only thing better than Froy? Froy with a DOG:

2. Jamie’s golden-boy-to-bad-boy™ transformation:

3. Froy with a cute new friend 🦎:


5. Froy and his Teen Wolf co-star Tyler Posey being super duper adorable:

6. Baby Froy!!! 🥺:

7. Froy in the dunk tank on the set of Cruel Summer:

8. Whatever the heck is going on here:

9. He said “🤓🤓”:

10. This One Day at a Time photo op:

11. This Christmas pic that’s just too dang cute for words:

12. Bedhead, but make it iconic:

13. More baby Froy with his dad!!:

14. A beautiful selfie on vacation, because the cuteness never takes a day off:

15. And finally, this amazing Teen Wolf throwback:

You can follow Froy on Instagram here for more content! And don’t forget to stream Cruel Summer on Hulu.

Bill Matlock/Freeform via Getty Images / Fox

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