25. This movie is really following the exact same beats as the original.

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26. The curly haired friend is definitely jealous of Padgett. I bet she’ll betray her. 

27. Photographing garbage is very Laney Boggs of makeover dude.

28. No offence to Padgett, but her makeover of her ex-boyfriend does not exactly sell her makeover skills. 

29. The lead guy is a horse boy. Important representation.

30. Padgett has a sense of humour and is super cute, and Addison Rae is quite charming playing her. I’m into this. 

31. I’m less into the lead guy. I should probably learn his name…

32. Cameron! Cameron is his name. 

33. Anyway, I am waiting for Cameron to be less of a jerk.

34. Oh no she fell in horse poop. 

35. Was Cameron even born when his old-ass brick phone was released?

36. Of course the karaoke party is actually a pool party. 

37. So much sponcon in this scene lol. 

38. Tiktok dances really don’t look so good outside of the confines of your phone screen.

39. Omg Cameron is gonna come to her rescue with the karaoke, okay I love him now. 

40. Poor choice of song though, nothing can beat Darren Criss’ version of “Teenage Dream” on Glee.

41. They liiiiike each other. 

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