“I just felt that it was more poetic.”

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You may remember a little show called The Vampire Diaries, starring Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder, which aired from 2009–17.

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You may also remember that in the finale, (spoiler alert) Stefan sacrificed himself to stop Katherine…

…giving Damon the cure and leaving him to live out a human life with Elena.

Well, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley recently revealed to Mario Lopez that they both wanted their characters to die at the show’s end, with Paul calling Ian “jealous” that only Stefan got to die.

“Hold on a second,” Ian interrupted as Paul laughed, saying they need to “redefine jealousy.”

Ian said he thought it’d be “poetic for these two bothers to go away and then to let these humans sort of resettle back into their town.”

Of course, the show did end with most of the characters human, with Tyler, Enzo, Katherine, and Stefan dead, Damon, Alaric, and Elena human, and Caroline as the only main vampire.

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But I can definitely see what Ian was saying — Damon was the only vampire to survive that had already lived hundreds of years and killed thousands. Even in The Originals, basically all the main cast members died.

I also find it kind of funny that Ian and Paul “fought” over who would die, because the characters literally fought over which of them would die in the show, too.

Paul and Ian were actually doing the interview to promote their new Brother’s Bond bourbon — they sold out in the presale, but you can check the bourbon page for re-stocks here.

God, I miss the Salvatore brothers.

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