Ive got a job for you; create content and make money! Majority of us invest on phones, and especially those of us who invest in smart phone, video features and big storage are some of the  key features. These days we understand what HD means and better, 4K. Mega pixels is another terminology smart phone market entices us into choosing these devices. What is all this about? creating and watching Videos and photos.

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Photography aside, there is emergence and popularity of mobile phone film competitions sending a message; Phones can make films!

We all have something to tell and somebody out there willing to listen . A few years ago, recording a video clip would have taken a full video recording setup that in many cases was cost prohibitive to majority. But its no longer the case now. Smart phones manufacturers are perfecting on video and sound quality improving into overall recording and streaming experience.  No excuse into creating a quality engaging video. You have something that you feel can touch somebody, record it…and do it well. There are numerous free tutorials into shooting a good mobile phone video so i won’t get into that. Now the big question… then what?

Yes the money part. How do i make money? before we get into how, you have to answer the question, is your content good enough? meaning would somebody spend time watching it, would he/she share it, is it memorable, entertaining, impacting, inspiring, educating? If it can fulfil any of this, Record! I would like to say that once you  finish, upload it to YouTube and make money. Not that easy especially if you have a new account. If your video doesn’t go viral….. But there is another option for Kenyans! Safaricom BAZE! Its a subscription streaming platform hosting short, feature and episodic shows accessible through the mobile phone. That’s where you put your good content and make money. Unlike YouTube with all those terms and conditions (1000 subscribers+4000hrs watch time per year to qualify for monetizing), every view to your video converts to revenue.

So, i have a job for you! Create something great and make money out of it. The platform is there; baze.co.ke. For any assistance on how to upload videos to BAZE, Contact us.

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