• This is an ABC Family show, so I am going to guess that Amy keeps her baby.

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• I feel like Amy will try to go along with her friends’ plan and pin Ricky as the father, but then chicken out and tell him the truth when it’s too late.

• There’s going to be a love triangle between Ricky, Amy, and the baby daddy, isn’t there?

• Amy must find out about Ricky’s initial bet at some point, right?

• Grace ends up dumping Jack because I don’t think she can forgive after something like that.

• Do…do Grace and baby daddy actually have a thing????

• Amy’s parents go absolutely bonkers when they find out, but they end up being super supportive. Because Molly Ringwald is a gem.

• I feel like baby daddy starts as someone who’s kind of douchey and misunderstood but becomes someone you really start to care for because he grows and changes?

• Hmmm, I’m also going to guess there’s a happy ending at the end of this series because, once again, it’s ABC!

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