“If my 13-year-old self had known that this was in my future, I could not have worked.”

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Before Kathryn Hahn *dazzled* us in WandaVision, you might have previously seen her as Jennifer Barkley in Parks and Recreation.

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Well, one of Kathryn’s brief onscreen lovers on the show was none other than Rob Lowe — who, as it turns out, Kathryn had a massive crush on way before they met on set.

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“I could not believe that we got to have an onscreen romance!” she told Rob as he guest-hosted Ellen. “I had to forget everything of my childhood so I could be present, because otherwise I would’ve exploded.”

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“I turned into an animal — I was like, ‘Just do the job,'” she joked. “If my 13-year-old self had known that this was in my future, I could not have worked. It was so fun!”

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Although Rob and Kathryn have both been married for many moons now, they could both see the funny side. “I tell my wife, ‘I got a tough day at work today. I’m gonna go make out with Kathryn Hahn for, like, eight hours,’” Rob added.

“I couldn’t even compute,” Kathryn continued. “If I was like, ‘It’s Rob Lowe,’ I couldn’t have even handled it.”

Now, if anyone wants to cast me in a TV series with Leonardo DiCaprio as my love interest, I am available…

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