One Ohio town passed an ordinance Tuesday banning abortions and imposing a fine of $1,000 to anyone who violates the new law.

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The Lebanon City Council unanimously passed the resolution to make the community of 20,000 a “sanctuary city for the unborn,” MSN reports.

“We are clearly saying in our community we do not think it is in our best interest to open a clinic or a hospital that does abortions,” said Mayor Amy Brewer. “We are elected to make decisions based on what’s good for our community today.” 

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The ordinance, which took effect immediately, was supported by six of the seven city council members. Councilwoman Krista Wyatt opposed the measure, then resigned before the meeting.

Within the city limits of Lebanon, it is illegal to provide an abortion, assist with an abortion, offer money or transportation to an abortion, and give instructions for an abortion.

Ohio Right to Life praised Lebanon’s vote, saying more cities and states should follow suit. The objective is to make abortion “not just illegal but unthinkable across our great state,” said spokeswoman Allie Frazier.

Resident Renee Wisser said she attended the meeting to show her support for the ordinance. 

“I think it’s an important thing for people to be aware that there are ways to protect the unborn and women still have their right to choose,” she explained. “This is a good thing for Lebanon, Ohio.”

Mark Lee Dickson, director of Right to Life East Texas declared, “Lead the way, lead the charge. Outlaw abortion within the city limits, sending a very strong message about this enforceable ordinance.”

Lebanon is the first city in Ohio to ban abortions. More than 20 cities in Texas and two cities in Nebraska have passed similar ordinances to protect the unborn. 

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