Honestly, I’m kind of onboard for this movie.

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It’s been too long since Lizzo has flirted with Chris Evans on TikTok, and I’m glad she’s back to her old ways.

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The news prompted a fan to tweet about their dream casting, which would of course be Lizzo and Chris.

Amanda Edwards / WireImage,

Much to Lizzo’s excitement, she responded to the possible casting news with a TikTok.

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She lip-synced to a sound of a man angrily shouting, “What are we talking about?” Then she quickly changed to mouthing the same words but in a sexy way while showing a side by side of she and Chris. Well played, Lizzo.

Hollywood To You / GC Images

Over the last few months Lizzo has treated herself to more than a few TikToks about Chris.

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Glad to see their flirtationship is still going strong. Can’t wait to see the movie. Hollywood, make it happen!

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