I hope we’ve learnt something from the previous lockdown. Its here again biting deeply into our day to day earnings. Being healthy is of utmost importance but our daily need is not way off behind. We must have a strategy.

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They are services that will stall while others slow down. The fact is, our needs don’t follow suit. We still need basics to continue living. That being said, we have to make some adjustments. Irrespective of the lockdown, what must continue? Health care, feeding, housing etc, I mean basic essentials…Oh and entertainment, yes entertainment. I am amazed how resilient people are to get to a bar even past curfew others locking themselves inside. TV will still work, Internet will still work. In fact its not the end of the world; just a major adjustment.

So what do we do. In my opinion, get creative, the shift has happened so we shift our minds and actions from the routine of 8 to 5 and or the hustles that will be affected by the lockdown.

Internet is one great asset. its one thing people connect with without actually moving. Use it to move things someone needs and get paid for it. In my case I produce content. My phone has camera and a few bundles I can create content and upload it online for monetizing. Okay YouTube won’t monetize within a day and in some cases may take a very long time but there are other opportunities with a faster revenue count, baze.co.ke is one such platform.

If you cant create videos, create a blog and solve peoples’ problems inform or encourage and monetize your blog through ads. There are numerous tutorials online on how to go about it. Ship something someone needs, make a concept document for someone,  share a cooking recipe or show how one can come up with a kitchen garden during lockdown or even training people on zoom, basically solve somebody’s problem and get paid for it, and problems are many.

The bottom line is we spend time doing nothing or being all over peoples’ posts on social media. Why not use the time and the platform to look for opportunities and convert them to cash?

Time is money; Spend it making some or you will spend it getting poor. By the end of the day ,time will still be spent.



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