High fevers, heart problems, and unexplained diseases were all healed by the power of God.

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That’s what the assistant ministry director of the Christian Union in New York City says is happening right now during its Gospel of the Kingdom conferences.

Karen Hetzler told CBN’s Prayer Link program this move of God is sweeping the Big Apple and encouraging many believers that miracles are happening today.  

Hetzler explained that people attending these conferences have even been delivered from demons.

“It is powerful and alarming a bit, in the beginning, to see this for the first time,” she said. “These demons don’t want to leave people by the power of Jesus but His name is so much greater.”

She described one incident where she witnessed a minister order evil spirits to leave someone’s body.

“The minister called for the Holy Spirit to fall into the room. He prayed and saw something manifesting,” she recalled. “He prayed ‘Out, Out in the name of Jesus I command you to come out.'”

She added that the conferences include Scripture and the fullness of God.

You can hear the rest of her interview on CBN’s Prayer Link which airs weekly on the CBN News Channel.

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