Referred by many Kenyans as “Furahi day” Fridays have always been that day of the week that brings with it so much joy as the people looks forward to not only the weekend but the luxury that it brings along with in terms of relaxation and time to hang out with friends and family. Friday the 12th however, will be a different one with tension being the order of the day as the president, Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to address the nation in State of The Nation Address and one of the agendas that Kenyans will be keenly following is whether he will lift the curfew that was imposed in March 2020 or it will be yet another extension of the curfew hours and other episodes of running battles with law enforcements officers over past curfew hours.

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With activities returning to normalcy most of the Kenyans have pleaded with the President to lift the curfew as the directive not only affected the economic on the negative side but it has also led to tougher living conditions for Kenyans as the country’s 24-hour economy is depended upon by many average Kenyans to make ends meet.

However, the hopes and expectations that come with 12th Friday 2021 could be dealt a huge blow as the country continues to record high cases of Covid19 infections over the past few weeks with a total of 713 new infections recorded in the last 24 hours as per the statistics provided by the Ministry of Health. The resurgence of infections in mega digits has however not settled well with Kenyans as most of them have already taken to social media to express their disappointments, with some even claiming it has been trend for the Covid cases to rise every time the nation heads towards the presidential address. On the other end of the rope there is a group of Kenyans who think the recent cases are only there to convince more Kenyans to get vaccinated against the pandemic and to their anger the vaccine is to be paid for while most of the average citizens find it had to afford 3 meals a day and if lucky to afford a meal it is not a decent one either yet the political realm keeps plunging the country into more foreign debts and cases of looting and corruption has been a norm in a country already in economic crisis. Whether the curfew will be extended or not is another parable yet to be solved until 12th March 2021. Time will tell, as for now the dark hours are a no go zone operating hours most especially in times of mobility. Fingers crossed.

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