Radical Islamists are targeting a pro-Israel Facebook site, the Jerusalem Prayer Team, which is the largest pro-Israel Facebook site in the world, as well as the largest Facebook site on religion in the world, with 78 million followers.

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Michael Evans II has hosted a global prayer event daily to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. On Thursday, May 13th alone he had 1 million engagements and 43 million impressions with a great number of people posting anti-Israel statements and pictures, attacking the site, including 790,000 comments viewed. 

A few examples of their anti-Semitic statements include the following slurs: “Israel is a dirty pig”, “Israelis are terrorists”, “It’s a page of the bastards”, and “Israelis are criminal racist gangsters.”

A number of people have posted pro-Hitler comments with more than one person posting an image of Hitler with the words, “I will not kill all the Jews because I will allow a few people to live so that I can understand why I killed the Jews.”

One anti-Semite named Aamir Afzal posted a photo of Hitler and praised the man who murdered 6 million Jews, writing, “The Hero We Need ATM (at the moment).”

Another post pictured Benjamin Netanyahu standing on a dead child while a cameraman filmed the scene. 

Facebook, which prides itself in not allowing hate speech on its site, has done nothing to stop the Jew-hating racists’ hatefest according to Evans. 

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Meanwhile, Evans writes on Facebook that Iran is clearly fueling the conflagration, using the Hamas terrorist group as a proxy to fight its war against Israel and the West. “The media throughout the world is buying into the lie, publishing stories that equate Hamas and Israel with moral equivalency, claiming that Hamas is the victim, that they are simply worshippers in the mosque being attacked and beaten up by Israeli storm troopers. It is a lie out of the pit of hell,” he says.

A number of the anti-Semitic attacks on the Facebook page also accuse Israel of stealing the Palestinians’ land by reestablishing the Israeli state.

Evans points out that the state of Jordan was actually created as a homeland for the Palestinians. “With this lie comes the myth about Israel robbing the Palestinians of a two-state solution. The Palestinians have never had a state. It’s a myth. They have never had a flag or a language, and Jerusalem was never their capital. Jordan is their state. The Palestinians are mostly Jordanians. Yes, the Palestinians need to have a state, and the state is called Jordan,” Evans explained.

Jerusalem Prayer Team’s mission is to build Friends of Zion to guard, defend and protect the Jewish people and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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