“It came up that I had not had COVID.”

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Reba McEntire says she didn’t actually have COVID-19 when she thought she did.

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Earlier this month, the country superstar revealed that she and boyfriend Rex Linn had tested positive, despite being vaccinated.

“You guys, please stay safe. Wear your mask. Do what you have to do. Stay home. It’s not fun to get this. I did get it. Rex and I got it and it’s not fun. You don’t feel good. We were both vaccinated and we still got it,” Reba said during a TikTok livestream.

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But after recently being tested for antibodies, Reba says she was told that she had not actually had COVID.

“I did say that I had COVID but when I got tested my antibodies — it came up that I had not had COVID,” Reba explained on Talk Shop Live with Nancy O’Dell.

While Reba says that while she did have antibodies from her vaccine, the nurse told her that she had probably had been sick with something else over the summer.

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She continued, “I had all the symptoms…I did get tested, you know the test that I had and it said that I had it but then the nurse that came and tested me for my antibodies said that I probably had the RSV virus.”

While Reba is “doin’ great” now, she is thinking of those who have been affected by COVID.

“I’m prayin’ for everybody who’s contacted it; family members, friends, I’m sure prayin’ for all of ya. ‘Cause whatever I had, it sure wasn’t fun,” Reba concluded.

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