Unless a seed dies, it can never produce fruit. An interesting analogy. The first thing a newborn is slapped with before any other promise to be promised, is a Name. This name is echoed to its ears long before the baby can utter a word.

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We were born twins with my late sister to a teacher and a technician. Like most of the parents, they didn’t have an idea who i. But traditions and culture of course had something to offer on their behalf…My grandfathers name. That’s easy; a first born male in kikuyu community is to be named after the father’s father. I have great respect for my late grand father who left a respectable regency behind him but that’s not who i am. That was his legacy not mine. But now i carry his name. Name gives identity, identity purpose and purpose destiny. That’s why some of us cannot escape the shadows of the names we carry…

Names define purpose wrapped in identity. yes they do. I once worked on registering a business name. Many times the names i submitted were rejected on the bases of “being too similar to a registered name” I had to look for a unique name. Now not just any name but a name that resonates to my brand. Interesting because if it matters to a business name, a car registration plates or a phone number then how much more is to our names? If it doesn’t matter, lets do a test. Why does it hurt when people call you names? its just a name anyway or why do some cultures specify names for the slave and the elite? evil and good seasons and time? Newsflash; every identity is wrapped around a name irrespective of culture or society. Naming is common to all mankind, and that’s why it matters!

I don’t know of a successful brand that has no name or even a grown person who is nameless unless under very unique circumstance like abandonment but even then, the people who take him in…They give a name.

Everything that can be named has a name. The trouble is, most of us never had a choice of who we should be called yet the society expects us to “live our life” at times outside the shadows of the name we carry.. When my daughter was born, i struggled with the name to “GIVE” to her. She will have to live with it for the rest of her life both in the physical and in spiritual world. That name will speak destiny to her or channel evil every time it is called…


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