We’re here for Ben Barnes and the goat.

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With Alina Starkov’s light-wielding palms, Ben Barnes’ hotness, and Milo the goat’s cuteness, there’s just so much to love about the series.

So now, we’re here to proudly present all of the hilarious commentary on Twitter and Tumblr about the show — keep reading ahead to see what the people have to say!

2. Ben Barnes is hot.

If *I* was Alina, I’d be fucking the hot, mysterious general by the end of episode two. Mal is cute and all, but carpe dickum. #ShadowAndBone

05:42 PM – 25 Apr 2021

@theferocity / Via Twitter: @theferocity

5. Coming up with Shadow and Bone theories *is* schoolwork, TBH.

school work school wor
school wo
school w
shadow a
shadow an
shadow and
shadow and b
shadow and bo
shadow and bon
shadow and bone

04:14 PM – 24 Apr 2021

@canislantsov / Via Twitter: @canislantsov

14. That’s our Sun Summoner, and we love her.

there was no script for #ShadowAndBone everyone just turned up on set and immediately decided to worship jessie mei li

12:15 PM – 27 Apr 2021

@nocontextgrisha / Via Twitter: @nocontextgrisha

Shadow and Bone is definitely a ride — let us know all your thoughts about it below!

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