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I cannot stop watching (er, make that rewatching) Shadow and Bone. The series hasn’t left the top two spots on Netflix’s Top 10 list since it dropped on April 23. Viewers just cannot get enough.


Based on the books by Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone follows orphaned army cartographer Alina Starkov after she learns that she has magical powers and could bring an end to the darkness plaguing her world.

Alina’s played by English actress Jessie Mei Li, and people are loving the fact that she’s a literal embodiment of light defeating darkness.

Here are 23 tweets to prove it.

2. One that proves Jessie/Alina’s the only thing on our minds:

5. Some tweets that show how perfect Jessie’s relationship with the rest of the cast is:

Twitter: @alinasbucky

12. And one that’s crossing Shadow and Bone with another universe:

15. Some tweets that show how important diversity and representation is:

not to be personal but as someone who is mixed like Jessie Mei Li it means a lot to me to see her playing Alina. Like ooo that’s me too !! Idk seeing her face brightens my day 🥺

02:35 AM – 29 Apr 2021

Twitter: @artemisduology


jessie mei li being a queer neurodivergent gender non-conforming woman of colour starring in a critically acclaimed netflix live action tv series of one of my FAVOURITE fantasy novels is something so special to me

11:57 PM – 01 May 2021

Twitter: @lirgorpio


say what you want about alina starkov but she really went through so much and came out of it still standing strong. book!alina and show!alina stood up to a manipulator and fought for agency over herself. i honestly love her story sm.

05:28 AM – 30 Apr 2021

Twitter: @sulisaint

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