Life is interesting that we are born pure(innocent). we collect garbage along the way. Nobody teaches us to sin; its all around us. But institutions that says “don’t” and if you do consequences, come alongside the very evil surrounding us. We are torn in the middle with both masters demanding attention. The first trusted institution is of course our parent…For many individuals, these are the guys we saw first. They are big and they seem to know a lot of things (until when you grow up!) they start with the first lie to a very innocent question; where do children come from…

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Many of you know the first lie. I was shocked to discover the actual biological truth precisely illustrated by a standard 4 kid after laughing at me for my silly answer. From that day hence forth, who do you think I trusted. You talk peer pressure? this is where it roots from. I don’t blame the parents (i am one of them) for trying to “protect” by twisting the truth or giving an utter lie. Furthermore, he is only three.

But the three year old will grow. will the lie change?

The very folk we cant trust with our secrets enforces the truth with a cane. sealing secrets deep with within us; by the way they lied so we cant trust them. We all know discipline has to be maintained the cane and other hard methods get to work to form the expected morally upright citizen. How many of us were threatened with a police officer or jail when we acted stubborn? How do we now react when we see one? Utumishi kwa wote?

Now the shadows buried deep in our childhood will choose the most unexpected time to manifest, and tear our lives apart. That Anger, the greed, lust, hate, bitterness, loneliness and their King REJECTION! We know as we grow up, the more the encounters and the less we trust. So when these shadows show up with no one around us to trust, like a child we get our “toys” and cling to them. Addictions can be that toy that makes us feel whole again or we go offensive. Offensive to prove we are not the loser, the weak, the down trodden but hero, powerful and successful to prove a point.

We wear the mask to cover the shadows that are threatening to come out and spoil what we have so hard worked to achieve. and if they ever did, nobody will ever know who we were.

Now, the only way to deal with darkness is to expose it to the light. The genuine sources of light are hard to find this day. Many not to be trusted as some just light the path to a deeper hole. People who take advantages of our vulnerabilities in the name of helping.

There are pretty few mentors around and if you are one, you have a job to do.  equip  yourself with patience and love to handle pretty wounded people.



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