*starts texting* “mom can u pick me up”

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TikTok user @savagemomlife recently wondered what Gen Z would say if they were on the Titanic…

…And let’s just say Gen Z immediately put an end to her curiosity. Her video has over two million views and is flooded with hilarious responses, like this person who would —without hesitation — text her mom to come get her:

And this person who would ask the obvious question first:

Gen Z isn’t on the boat if they pass up the perfect opportunity for a Billie Eilish reference:

Obviously, there would be footage of the entire sinking:

And it would probably be live-streamed if there was an internet connection:

They wouldn’t be as worried about death as they would be about the picture that would be used to remember them by:

They would crack very ~Gen Z~ jokes:

And only use ~Gen Z~ references:

There would be so many ~Gen Z~ references…

…So, if you don’t get any of these, you’re probably too old (sorry):

They would still be participating in the latest TikTok trends even if they were about to die:

Because going viral before dying is kinda their life’s wish:

They would be Googling how to swim:

But still wouldn’t be bothered to do things they don’t want to do:

And they would totally play into the MOOD of the whole catastrophe:

Obviously, the Titanic sinking was a really awful tragedy and we are not making light of that — the responses are meant to be sarcastic and funny. Thanks for the laughs, Gen Z!

There have been so many comments that @savagemomlife has created a series of four videos reacting to them. If you want to see more, you can follow her on TikTok!

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