2 nd March 2021; aboard Qatar Airways flight over one million doses of Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine touched down in Nairobi, Kenya at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) with hopes of having Kenyans vaccinated especially the frontline workers who have been spearheading the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic that has ravaged not only the country’s stride towards provision of quality healthcare though Universal Health Coverage (UHC) but also brought to a halt various fundamental services across the globe.
However, 3 weeks later into the month after the vaccination role out plan and vaccination campaign kicked off, the turnout of those to be vaccinated have been extremely low in comparison to the expectations of the Ministry of Health and this has brought about a motion that has now been table to the parliament by Kimilili MP, Didmus Barasa who advocates for the vaccination campaign to be mandatory for all netizens and a certificate of vaccination issued after the same. The Kimilili legislator further suggests that there should be a vaccine certificate as a mandatory travel document across the country and for one to access any public services from the government. While he (Didmus Barasa) might be having the citizens’ interests at heart, this will definitely not settle down well with most of the Kenyan citizens as the government had already stipulated that aside from the front line
workers the rest of the remaining population would have to pay for the vaccination services. With the country already in an economic crisis and the increased fuel price even making the bad situation even worse, this is definitely going to receive mixed reactions with a larger percentage of the population already voicing out their concerns on the notice of the motion citing it would only make sense if the vaccination will be rolled out for free. While the country is still adamant on suspension of the vaccination through the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine due to its “efficiency rate” compared to other vaccines, most of the countries that had applied for the same vaccine have already stopped its usage
which might likely be the pivotal factor why Kenyans are not up for the vaccination aside the vaccination charges. Whether or not the notice of motion by Didmus Barasa will be put into effect or not, the hope of vaccinating the country in the required numbers still hangs in the balance. It is desperate time we find ourselves in but most certainly desperate measures will not come in handy because as the popular opinion goes “Afya bora sio bora afya”

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